Biogragraphy of Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis


Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis was born Oct 4, 1999 and' is a professional Counter-Strike player from Latvia. Currently Latvia is a small CS:GO nation, with just 7 players. YEKINDAR managed to push through, with hard work, to become a professional CS:GO player.

YEKINDAR's current status

He is currently playing for YEKINDAR is 21 which is the prime years of playing professional CS:GO. So look out for big results, from him in the upcoming matches. It’s up to his coach dastan to get the best out of him in the upcoming matches.

Recent tournaments and matches

In his last three matches he has averaged 37 kills and 42 deaths. In these matches he have performed quite disappointing.
In his last match he had 25 kills, 10 assists and 43 deaths. Which puts him as the lowest performer on the team.

Fan factor

The fan factor is based on, popularity on social media, follows on eManager and viewers on streams.
YEKINDAR is not the most popular with only a "Fair" fan factor. So check out his social media, support him and show him some love.

Upcoming tournaments

YEKINDAR's next tournament is IEM Summer 2021. If they can pull through and win it all, it will mean a lot for the future of the organization.