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How are points awarded?

Last update: Marts 19th, 2020

What is important for us?

We believe that esports is growing day by day, so well that it’s not only the gamers who are passionate about it but also everyone else. It is no longer a sport for “geeks” only, and is considered to be more like a normal sport! When we first started this dream, we wanted to ensure that everyone would enjoy playing our game on eManager. We believe that a game like this can make esports more popular and accepted across all continents.

We knew that we would have some work to do in the actual scoring but that it would be good in the end

What did we know?

We have had an incredible number of talks about how the best scoring system should be done in eManager. We were sure of several things:

  • It should be easy for everyone to understand
  • Points must be given after a match, and not just after a tournament
  • We wanted a 100% transparent system
  • You should get a good feeling when you pick a player on your team, that delivers in a game

How did we first expect?

When we first started our beta version round 1, we actually thought that we had found the perfect way to give points depending on the player’s performance.

We simply took all the factors found in the individual player performances.

We found out that:

  • It was not a 100% transparent system as we wanted
  • Our users told us that it wasn’t fun that way

we had to go back to the drawing board and countless discussions started – we had to go back to the starting point. It had to be more simple and more fun for the users watching CS:GO and make them cheer for the players on their team.

Team captain

When creating your team, the first player you pick will be the team captain of your roster. The team captain on your roster earns double the amount of points, every match that he plays in. So carefully select your team captain, as you can't change him with other players on your roster.

The only chance of changing captain is by replacing him during the transfer window, where the player replacing your current team captain, will be the new team captain

How is the point system today?

We have come up with a much less complex formula for evaluating a player’s performance. We believe that this formula makes the game much more fun, transparent and at the same time allows you to shout “YES” along the way when your players perform.

Each player is worth more or less (in the form of money) depending on their performance in a game.

For each match, each player receives the following value for:

Flash assist
First kill difference
$2,500 / -$2,500

The players will get points for:

Most kills
Most AWP kills
Most first kills
Most assist
Most damage

The player will get a bonus depending on the team result:

Match won
Won 2-0
Match lost
Lost 0-2

Special bonus depending on team results in a tournament:

Winner of group stage
Winner of round 3 (Swiss format)
Winner of round 4 (Swiss format)
Semifinal on 3 matches (Double elimination bracket)
Semifinal on 4 matches (Double elimination bracket)
Winner of 1v1 Standoff (Blast Pro Series special)


Transfer fee