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CS:GO Team G2

G2 Esports (previously known as Gamers2) is a professional esports team, with Berlin being its headquarters.

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G2 country France

Founded in 2013
Team form


When does G2 play again?

Today at 3:30pm against Astralis in BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020.

Who is the coach for G2?

The coach for G2 is Damien 'maLeK' Marcel.

Which country is G2 from?

G2 is a CS:GO team from France but their team consists of players from Bosnia, France and Serbia.

What is G2’s Twitter?

G2’s official Twitter profile is @G2esports.

Who plays for G2?

G2 consist of 5 players: huNter-, JaCkz, kennyS, AmaNEk and nexa.