Biography of mousesports

mousesports, also known as “mouz” is an esports organization whose roots are placed in Berlin, Germany. The organization was founded in 2002 and have since then grabbed several wins in different competitions in the esports world. Their biggest recognition comes especially from being successful at Counter-Strike.

Although mousesports are based in Berlin, Germany, it does not stop the team from being a truly international organization, as they also happen to be home for many foreign players.

mousesports the veteran

mousesports is a veteran team, since they have been in the game for a very long time, dominating the scene in the early days of Counter-Strike break out (version 1.6).

mousesports' best placement on the world rankings so far is 2nd place.

The history of mousesports

Back in 2008, the team went on a serious conquest, winning Intel Extreme Masters II by defeating E-STRO in the final round.

October of the same year was also a success for mousesports, as they captured the 1st place in IEM III Global Challenge Dubai, beating Meet Your Makers in a fantastic match.

After having a break in 2009, mousesports continued to roll in the same fashion in 2010 as they managed to capture another 1st place in IEM IV European Championship Finals, defeating fnatic.

The tragedy of mousesports

In 2010, the worst thing possible happened, when one of their players died (Antonio "cyx" Daniloski) in a car accident on the way to a tournament. cyx was one of the most legendary players in the game, and his death was devastating. Then mousesports decided to retire the rest of the team.

But to every fan's pleasure, mousesports chose to make a comeback to CS:GO in 2012.

mousesports' CS:GO comeback

Then the long period of absence came, as they were gone from the big scene for 7 full years. If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was able to leave WWE for seven years and came back even stronger, so could mousesports. They came back to win the 1st place in ESG Mykonos 2017 by beating an elite competitor in Liquid.

December of the same year was followed by 2nd place in Esports Championship Series Season 4 – Finale, where mousesports admitted a loss from FaZe.

mousesports in 2018

The next year was also successful, as the team went on to win multiple championships. The first one in 2018 was StarLadder and i-League StarSeries Season 4, where mousesports managed to beat NAVI.

Then came the V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest, where mousesports dominated, winning another 1st place trophy.

July of the same year turned out to be a little bit slower for mousesports, as they ended up 4th in ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, taking a loss from Astralis.

But mousesports quickly bounced back to win 1st place in ESL One: New York, beating Liquid and winning 1st place in DreamHack Open Tours by defeating Valiance.

mousesports in 2019

2019 turned out to be one of the best years for mousesports, as they at the end of the year managed to claim several big titles. This has put them in the spotlight as a serious contender for the 1st place in the rankings.

mousesports have a strong reputation for being an elite team and considering their results, they do not plan to stop causing trouble for other teams any time soon.

ESL One New York 2018

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