Biography of OG

Established as an esports organization in 2015, OG (not to be confused with the other team "Origen", or the term "Original gangster") is one of the newest organizations to make a team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Founder of OG

The org "OG" is founded by one of the biggest esports names outside of CS:GO, which is Johan Sundstein, also known as n0tail. He comes from the game Dota 2, where he for several years has been regarded as one of the best players.

This made him start his own esports organization, which went on to dominate the game of Dota 2 in the following years.

OG expanding to Counter-Strike

He and the organization have now expanded into the world of Counter-Strike, by signing some of the best players Counter-Strike has to offer. Here they assembled a mix of experience and young raw talent, where every player has had huge accomplishments, including several major wins, before joining OG.

Many of these players have yet to reach their full potential yet, which they will look to better under the OG banner.

OG moving forward

This new leap into Counter-Strike for OG is one to be feared, as they will try to duplicate their dominance from Dota, and in the future be one of the best teams in the world, that can win the biggest tournaments.