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ESL Pro League Season 13 Completed

What happened in ESL Pro League Season 13

The ESL Pro League Season 13 ended like nothing we have ever seen before!

After a marathon match between Heroic and Gambit, resulting in more than 7 hours of World-Class Counter-Strike, with 2 overtimes, one of which ended 28-26, cadiaN clutches the final round in the most magnificent way possible!

The scene is Mirage, Heroic are playing on the terrorist side, the score is 15-6 and cadiaN is the only one left on his team. Armed with nothing other than a P250, he has to face off 4 opponents camping around A bombsite, where they have surrounded the bomb. cadiaN sneaks up the stairs next to connector, where he spotted the AWP looking in direction of Palace. He then takes out his knife and stabs him, not once, but twice for him to die, gaining the AWP, but going down to 2 HP. Then a counter-terrorist gets cocky and goes around the stairs to surprise cadiaN, but he is ready and shoots him dead. He then aims at Triple Box, and he hears he tags someone, so he fires again and BOOM, another man is dead. Now it's a 1 v 1, cadiaN still at 2 HP, time is ticking down, and he has no clue where the last player is. He tried to throw a molotov towards Firebox to lure something out, but with no luck. He then goes up the stairs again and decides to jump towards Tetris, and in his jump he spots the last player. Now it's a game of who peeks first, he gets anxious, the peek comes and cadiaN finishes him, and wins the Pro League for him and his team! That will be a play to go down in history for sure.

There's been a lot of talk in the CSGO community about cadiaN deserving to receive a graffiti, for his play on Mirage. As many could think this addition to Mirage stairs, as a way to remember the sneaky Heroic player, sadly it's very unlikely for him to receive this honor. The reason for this is, graffitis have so far only been given out during majors. So, even though this might be considered one of the greatest plays in recent time, it won't get that type of recognition since the tournaments wasn't a major. If cadiaN is lucky, he might get a memorial on Mirage, which is a smaller addition to maps than a graffiti, but still a way to honour a player for what he's done.