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Do you want to join the eManager family?

We are a small group of motivated people who will make esport to everyone. And we are on the right path!

Big corporate companies have a set of values on their website… We don’t have anything like that, sorry. But we have one rule thing we try to live after every single day: Work most be fun 🤘

Currently, our only open role is a marketing intern, which you can learn more below.

We might not have roles open yet for you, but you are always welcome to contact us if you think you are the employee we can’t live without! In that case, reach out to Rasmus through 💬

Read more about the eManager family and our world-class advisory board right here.

Marketing intern

We are looking for a dedicated marketing intern that can join our team in Copenhagen.

The job is to be an essential part of a separate project that includes everything from content writing, setting up paid ads to project lead. Basically, you must be in charge of the project, which gives you a lot of influence and responsibility.

The start date is either April or May 2020 and the period of the internship is at least four months forward.

What do we expect from you? Not much actually. We expect you to be open-minded, eager to learn and be positive about tasks that do not have a clear goal.

You don’t have to be an esports fan or follow esport every day (we didn’t either when we started eManager), but we promise you that you will after staying for a while with us 👏

Of course, you will have an advantage if you have some experience in the field or did have your own business before. But don’t hold yourself back – we will train you!

Sounds interesting? Reach out to Rasmus on Written texts are good (slightly boring) but something creative or a 2-minute long selfie movie is even better. We can’t wait to receive your application!